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The one reason to do everything

Why are you doing what you are doing? This week? Today? Right now? It almost seems like a silly question. But underneath the apparent silliness is an ocean of chaos, darkness, and questions we would often rather not face. Here … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia, Part 2…or “How to change where you have been stuck for years.”

In the blog I wrote a week ago, I promised to give you an update on my schizophrenia.  Not the kind where you lose touch with reality, but the kind where you lose touch with the real and the true … Continue reading

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Why I am schizophrenic

OK…I’m not actually schizophrenic in the classic mental illness form.  I don’t lose touch with reality.  But I think I am metaphorically.  I lose touch with what is true and right and real.  And I don’t just drift away.  It’s … Continue reading

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