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Who is helping you push through fear?

It was supposed to be a safe and easy overnight backpacking trip near Pickett State Park. I had gotten a map and trail guide, and my hiking partner Randy was going with me. It all seemed pretty straight forward, until … Continue reading

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Why busy lives are ruining lives…mine included

It caught up with me.  Finally.  After living with multiple deadlines from multiple angles for four months, I hit the wall. Last Sunday night, I began thinking about the workload of starting a new week of high school. On top … Continue reading

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Why I am schizophrenic

OK…I’m not actually schizophrenic in the classic mental illness form.  I don’t lose touch with reality.  But I think I am metaphorically.  I lose touch with what is true and right and real.  And I don’t just drift away.  It’s … Continue reading

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