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Who is helping you push through fear?

It was supposed to be a safe and easy overnight backpacking trip near Pickett State Park. I had gotten a map and trail guide, and my hiking partner Randy was going with me. It all seemed pretty straight forward, until … Continue reading

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Live…from the scene of the crime

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Finding the treasure you have been searching for all your life

This past weekend I stumbled across buried treasure, worth millions. It is the treasure I have been looking all my life. And I found it when I wasn’t even looking. Here’s what happened. A couple of months ago, a friend … Continue reading

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Seeing manhood…in one bizarre place

It happened at the end of the school year. Bizarre.  And beautiful.  Bizarre because it’s the last place you would think to see real manhood. Beautiful because it was so real and unexpected.  Here’s what happened. Men in the Bible … Continue reading

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Finding manhood…in some very strange places

The last blog was on looking for my own sense of manhood.  Here’s the sequel.  Where did I begin to find it?  In some very strange places. The first strange place was in certain movies that scraped a raw nerve … Continue reading

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Looking for manhood…in all the wrong places

What is a real man?  It is the question my Men in the Bible class at school spend a whole semester answering.  It is the question behind so much of my own sadness and confusion. For I have looked in … Continue reading

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Anybody out there interested in starting a revolution?

I am a reluctant revolutionary.  Really.  My whole life  has been dominated by two great powers.  Fear.  And shame.  Not exactly the recipe for a rebel.  So the idea of starting a revolution sounds quixotic, romantic, with a little bit … Continue reading

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The Gathering of Men…can you be a part?

OK…this blog is different.  It’s about one of my passions, my dreams, one of the things I want to do more of, intergenerational gatherings of men.  And one is coming up that I am leading in 9 days, April 13-14. … Continue reading

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