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2012 in review

Thanks for making 2012 a great year for this blog. I really mean that. If I didn’t have readers, there would be no point to writing one! Here is a little annual review that I thought you might be interested … Continue reading

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OK, everyone. Here is the scoop. Two separate events have propelled a big change my blog site: Back in June, I had a group of dear friends convince me to start a new ministry based on my work with men. … Continue reading

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What do you do when stuck in an old rut?

Stuck. In an old rut. I hate it when I find myself back in places of darkness or bondage, old patterns and reactions that used to run my life. And I found myself there again last week. Except this time, … Continue reading

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Why letting go is so hard…and so wonderful

I am in the process of making final edits on the Landmarks book to be released in March. It’s been amazing to see what I have written in book form for the first time and to edit it for the … Continue reading

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Why you may not be getting answers to your questions in life

I learned this lesson in the classroom. I saw how students could take in information and spit out the right answers. But I knew that wasn’t really education, and I wasn’t really teaching. One day during an in-service for teachers, … Continue reading

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What is fear stopping you from today?

Fear. I have been running from it for so long. And the more you run, the deeper the fear grows. The last five years have been one opportunity after another to do something different. ┬áTo quit running, turn around, stare … Continue reading

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What is the one thing you have to do with your life?

The question is jarring. Yet it leads to other more uncomfortable questions. Is there just one thing? How do I find it? What do I do once I find it? What will it cost me to do it? What will … Continue reading

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How is the clutter in your life?

The last blog noted the clutter of motives that entangle our lives. Now it’s time for some cleaning. I got a good taste of what this may be like recently. Here was the challenge: clean out our corner garden in … Continue reading

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Not all adventures end well…including this one

I like to think that I love adventures, and often I do. But true adventures are full of unknowns, including things we don’t like or can’t control. Just such an adventure happened to Heidi and I today. We spent a … Continue reading

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How the past can no longer trap us

Wow…40 years between these photos! So much has changed, and yet some things haven’t. For I may look like the photo on the right. But I have often felt like the one on the left. Especially this morning. Let me … Continue reading

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