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Learning to say the most precious word in the universe

What I am going to say is so simple. A small child understands this. But for me with all of my supposed sophistication, it took me many years to get here. It happened suddenly on the back porch early this … Continue reading

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The end of an era

It finally happened. The dreaded deed was accomplished. It took me a long to time to decide about it, but it was finished last weekend. What am I talking about? Look at the pictures. They will tell the story. Rachel … Continue reading

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Watch out as you watch this movie

I need to warn you about this movie. It may take you into places of your heart long closed or darkened. But for you risk-takers, here’s the trailer for the movie. The autistic son pictured here spends much of the … Continue reading

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Finding the treasure you have been searching for all your life

This past weekend I stumbled across buried treasure, worth millions. It is the treasure I have been looking all my life. And I found it when I wasn’t even looking. Here’s what happened. A couple of months ago, a friend … Continue reading

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Why our parenting doesn’t work

If you are a parent, you want the best for your child.  And you want to be the best parent you can.  Every mother or father feels this deeply unless their heart has become totally hardened.  As a child once, … Continue reading

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The invalid in us

After 35 years of running, I had to stop this year due to hip issues.  I decided to pick up biking and called my brother, a seasoned biker, to take me out on the road.  I remember feeling insecure and … Continue reading

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Our deepest ache of all

I had never seen such a response all in my years of teaching.  As I stood before my Sunday School class last weekend, there was hardly a dry eye.  One woman commented to me afterwards that she couldn’t stop crying. … Continue reading

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