What is fear stopping you from today?

Fear. I have been running from it for so long. And the more you run, the deeper the fear grows.

The last five years have been one opportunity after another to do something different.  To quit running, turn around, stare the fear down, and run straight into it. I have been astounded again and again by how many of these fears were “monsters under the bed” with no more reality than my childhood imaginations.

Here is the latest fear I have confronted. Money. Not running out of it, but asking for it. Here is the story.

When Landmark Journey Ministries began almost two months ago, the board set a figure to raise: $84,000 for one year ($7000/month). It would be the capital to get the ministry off and running. So I was asked to do something I have never, ever done…call others and ask for money.

The fear of this was not terror or panic. It came out instead as a mild anxiety and discomfort. But I knew I needed to push through it because of what this ministry could do for others. But more importantly because I knew God called me to it. So I got a large list of names and started. The first few conversations I fumbled and stumbled over my words. There were other conversations where I just couldn’t pull the trigger. It felt like being a teenager, calling a girl for a date, and never asking! Other times I would avoid the topic until the very end of the time on the phone.

The real breakthrough came for me one day when I made some calls to complete strangers. I remember one conversation that had actually gone well and this popped out of my heart: “If I can do this, I can do anything.” It hit me that fear was no longer stopping me. I had broken this barrier. I felt alive, tingling, with a deep strength welling up inside of me.

Paul said in the book of Romans that “we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” I know that his words mean so much more than just handling fear. But I can’t help but believe that they at least include fear. That’s what I felt like in that moment, like a loved conqueror.

So here is the question. What is fear stopping you from today? What would happen if you quit running and stared it down?

About Coach D

I have been a teacher and a coach for many years. My real name is Bill Delvaux, but my students call me Coach D, hence the user name. This blog is about the journey into the unknown I am walking and the landmarks I am navigating along the way. The destination: becoming who I really am as a man. I invite you to join me by reading along every Monday and Thursday.
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