Anybody out there got a good movie?

In the last blog, I wrote about the books my family and I are reading.  And then I asked for some good reads from all of you.  The response back was wonderful!  I’m always fascinated by what others are reading.  Often it becomes a dinnertime conversation when we have guests in the home.  (By the way, I picked up two more books in the last 24 hours to add to my list: Into Thin Air, Krakauer and Orthodoxy, Chesterton.) So I thought I would do it all over again, this time with another favorite topic of mine…the movies.

First, here are the ones we have watched recently as individuals or as a family:

Platoon: Oliver Stone’s brutal reliving of the Vietnam War through the eyes of a new private.  What happens to him as he confronts the insanity around him is both disturbing and profound.

The Sound of Music:  We watched this as a family as Rachel was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery.  I have seen it so many times (and just saw the original play version that Studio Tenn did).  I’m blown away by the genius of the music and by the father in the play who learns to love and sing again.

The Bourne Trilogy:  The chase scenes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a movie. And the plot is riveting. The theme of Bourne trying to figure out his identity has so many parallels to our own struggles here.

Inception:  On the third time through, I think I finally understand it!  Just trying to follow this movie is another adventure.  The story line and special effects are so unique.  And the father/son relationship is at the bottom of the plot and the dreams.  Does that ever sound familiar!

127 Hours:  OK…to be honest, I haven’t finished this one.  In the middle of it. Harrowing but true story of a rock climber who had to cut off his own arm to survive.  Will I be able to survive the gruesome end? (Rachel did when she watched it!)

So…here we go again.  Can you give us some good movies to watch? And if you can, include a bit about why you liked it so much.  Thanks!

About Coach D

I have been a teacher and a coach for many years. My real name is Bill Delvaux, but my students call me Coach D, hence the user name. This blog is about the journey into the unknown I am walking and the landmarks I am navigating along the way. The destination: becoming who I really am as a man. I invite you to join me by reading along every Monday and Thursday.
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18 Responses to Anybody out there got a good movie?

  1. Five Friends – kind of a documentary –

  2. Chris Kennedy says:

    Disclaimer: The following are ranked from first to last and all are a certain genre. These are all more recent, since I don’t really know your movie history.

    1. “Serenity” was a fantastic movie, however it is the capstone of a short lived extremely popular cult TV series “Firefly.” Firefly was 13 episodes long and can only be described as a western in space. For as dumb as that sounds, the stories, dialogue, music, and acting are all well done. I’ve re-watched the series and movie usually once a year, and still no less appreciate the story Joss Whedon wove. Some start with the series and then end with the movie, others start with the movie and then watch the series.

    2. If you haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s previous work; Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, or Batman: The Dark Knight, they are all worthy of a viewing. Memento was an interesting way of telling a story. The Dark Knight is considered the largest jewel in Nolan’s crown.

    3. “Captain America: The First Avenger” as well as “Thor” were also well done and good stories. I recommend Cap over Thor.

    4. Go see “The Avengers,” but watch the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies first.

    5. 500 Days of Summer. It’s bipolar and fluctuates between plucky and sad, but is one of the best relationship movies I’ve seen.

    6. “Stranger than Fiction” is a story for most of us as we all search for meaning and fulfillment whether we realize it or not. It’s one of Will Ferrel’s more subdued roles. Let’s just say it translates well from paper to film.

    • Coach D says:

      I have seen Stranger than Fiction and clips from 500 days of Summer. Also Momento and The Dark Night. Thanks for the other suggestions, Chris!

  3. Bob Berkompas says:

    “Buck”. True story of the horse whisperer. Gods material for your Landmarks and story classes.

  4. One of the best movies I’ve seen recently is an oldie. The Godfather Part 2. I saw the original when it came out but had never seen the sequels. It is a long movie, but the plot is so riveting that you forget time. I loved the scenes from Sicily, the scenes of Tahoe the old cars. It is also intriguing to see the dynamics of the Corleone family and how Vito and Michael became the mob bosses that they were.

  5. A couple of movies that Jeff and I have seen over the last two years–
    The Choir ( A French film set after WWII— special)
    Wasteland –I’ll let you rent it and see what you think!

  6. Taylor Davis says:

    A few of our current favorites in the Davis household:
    – Sherlock Holmes (2009 version by Guy Ritchie): If you liked the action in Bourne, you will LOVE Holmes. Very quick and funny dialogue too.
    – Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Its a love it or hate it action movie with a throw-away struggling couple romance plot beneath…but it is worth watching once just for the dialogue during the car chase
    – Robin Hood (2010 version by Ridley Scott): One of the best renditions of this myth out there. I love the music. Also very believe-able up until the very end when Wendy and the Lost Boys come to join the English army in repelling French invaders (you have to watch it to understand…but once Becky made that comment one time, it always pops in my head).

    Becky recommends:
    – The Gods Must be Crazy: I dont know that their are words to describe how funny this movie is! Tons of 80s era cheeziness, but so over the top sometimes that it makes you laugh harder.

    Taylor recommends:
    – Well its not a movie…but the TV show Lie to Me is WONDERFUL. Its a bit more of a dark and moody show, but Cal Lightman (the main character) is very funny. Like many things Fox has canceled over the years, the full story of this amazing show never got to be told, but its still very much worth watching. (Seriously…who is in charge at Fox?!? Firefly? Lie to Me? Family Guy? What are these people doing and how are they still a successful company?)

  7. Trey says:

    At our house I am the butt of jokes because so many of my favorite movies are old. Oh well! There is no accounting for taste I guess. One of my favorites is The Seven Samurai by Kurosawa. The classic Japanese Western, with horses and bad guys and swords and even a gun or two. It is all about honor and manly stuff. Great acting that jumps past the language barrier. I watch Blade Runner pretty often, the dystopian future is just riveting to me, and the acting and story are compelling. One of my very favorite movies is a movie about recovering from child abuse. You may have heard of it, it is Aliens. I am not sure that Ridley Scott knew he was making a movie about child abuse, but he certainly did! In it Ridley is tormented by PTSD and she goes back to kill her abuser while rescuing her inner child in the form of a little girl who survived. I always recommend it to women who survived abuse, it helps them find their inner tough girl. I cannot recommend that movie more highly, watch it from that perspective!

    Great recommendations by the others, I will need to look these up on Netflix!


    • Coach D says:

      Wow. Blade Runner. I had no idea that was a favorite of yours. But I am a fan of Ridley Scott. I haven’t seen the other movies you spoke about. I’m intrigued.

  8. Palmer Dryden says:

    A movie that I really enjoy that is slightly off the beaten path is The Royal Tenebaums. It has a very odd and slightly dark sense of humor that goes along well with the uncoventional camera work. The story itself revolves around a broken family and the dads attempts to reconcile with his kids and wife. If you ever watch it please tell me, I would like to hear what you thought about it

  9. These are the movies I would recommend you to watch, and as you might have already guessed, some of them are oldies
    1) Shawshank Redemption–One of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, it feels like you’ve read a classic novel, rather than having watched a movie, after you finish watching it.

    2) Forrest Gump–A classic.

    3) The Terminal–Another great movie.

    4) Fight Club–It has a cult following, which is still growing in number to this day. The film was that good.

    5) The King’s Speech–The Oscar awards won by this flick should tell you all you need to know.

    6) The Prestige–Another one of Nolan’s great works.

    Also, you should check out The Dark Knight Rises when it releases, there is a general vibe amongst the public that its gonna be an epic.

    There are a lot of other movies, but I have a feeling that you’ll find them on your own after seeing these first 😉

    • Coach D says:

      The only one I haven’t seen is the Terminal. I’ll put it on my list. The others I have seen and agree with your comments. I will check out The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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